Itinerary #2 is Published!

I’m excited to be publishing my 1oth post!  This website has been up for almost 2 months and I really want to thank all of you who have encouraged me on this project, helped me get more exposure for the blog, and especially those 20 people who have become official followers!

Today I’m publishing the itinerary for our Northwest Road Trip, which was a truly amazing family adventure.  It is one of our all-time favorite vacations and even inspired our move to the Pacific Northwest.  We saw  6 National Parks, 2 National Historic Parks, 5 State parks, and plenty of volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, lakes, oceans, beaches, islands, and even a rainforest.  I will get the background and science advice to go with it posted as soon as possible.  For now, just take a look and perhaps even generate some ideas for your next big family adventure.  You can find Itinerary #2 posted here, towards the bottom of the Itineraries Page.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day and is enjoying a beautiful summer!

Happy Trails!

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

~John Muir

Mt. Rainier National Park, 2010 – Finishing another great hike!

5 thoughts on “Itinerary #2 is Published!”

  1. I love this picture…but then I love all the pictures you’ve posted. Congratulations on your 10th post!!


  2. The John Muir Woods is a beautiful, easy hike in the Bay area. After the the hike we visited the John Muir National Historical Site in Martinez. Muir was the founder of the Sierra Club & influenced Teddy Roosevelt to form the National Parks. I loved his study where he did all of his inspirational writing on the environment. The view from his crow’s nest shows what is left of the orchards which provided the income which allowed him to focus on saving the environment. He worked very hard to help his father in law establish the orchards which supported the entire extended family. The National Historical Site provides some history of the Spanish Colonial period & they show a biographical film on the life of John Muir. I loved it but my high school students found it a bit tedious. Love your blog!


  3. Thank you for your informative comment Jim! I cannot wait to get the kids to the Muir Woods. Hopefully we will fit it in soon. I love his perspective on our wildernesses and frequently reference his quotes.


  4. Thanks Cassie for all the valuable travel information! Your wealth of logistical details helped us plan our trips to the National Parks, hitting the hotspots and keeping costs down. It has helped making our family’s first and second annual Summer Road Trips a blast, and led us to experience adventures we would have otherwise missed. These are the kind of extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime.


  5. Thank you so much Kevin. It’s so great to hear that you’ve found them helpful! I’ve really loved seeing your family photos from your trip this summer. They really are extraordinary memories!


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