Local Lands Need Our Help Too!

Today I really just wanted to share this beautiful video that my good friend Gillian, and Deschutes Land Trust Board member, sent me this week.  It is a great reminder of the beautiful land that we are lucky enough to call home, and also reminds me of how very important it is to become involved in protecting our local lands.  Land Trust community members work together to conserve, protect, and maintain both public and private lands.  Becoming involved in your local land trust is a great way to give back to your community and help to preserve the areas that you already know and love, all while digging your hands into the Earth and making a commitment to connect with and protect nature.   I’ve been learning of the many ways to volunteer my time; you can do anything from office work and mailings, to pulling noxious weeds, to leading a group hike through the preserved lands.

As Fall quickly slips into Winter, and we perhaps become less inclined to venture outside, making an effort to become involved with your local land trust is a great way to get you out of the house and keep you connected to the wildernesses in your community.  Perhaps use this period when our National Parks are out of commission to help the local parks and preserves in your area by making a financial donation, or gathering the family together for a day of volunteering, or simply taking a guided hike through a nearby land preserve to watch the changing leaves.  Here is a link that may help in finding a local land trust near your own home.

Happy Trails!

2011, Harvesting our Christmas Tree in the Metolious Preserve, land protected by the Deschutes Land Trust